Sustainable Travel for Low/Zero Waste Essential and Mindful to Nature

Since the world really concern over the environment environmental issues such as pollution, so the active and practical roles in environmental and social issues need to be done and being promoted; especially, for the travelers and tourists. Travel is a spectacular thing. It helps us gain the experience from other cultures, see the beautiful part of the world, and appreciate the differences. But if we’re not careful and mindful to the where we travel, we can be a cause to destruct the nature, destroy the environment, and pollute the local community. 

In Cambodia, waste management is still a main concern; importantly, at the touristic destination. During this pandemic, most of the local people start taking adventure and love traveling to the Ecotourism places. We could see the increasing of using plastic during traveling and also there is still a big problem of waste management at the local community. With 5Rs Principle of SEA*5 (Resilience, Readiness, Respond, Recover, Reimagine), we believe to bring a green solution for a better world together. This project aims to: 

  • To inspire, care, and respect for the natural world we live in both travelers and local communities 
  • To low down/get zero waste packing for an Eco-Friendlier adventure. 
  • To promote the 5Rs of the environment (based on National Policy and Law about Waste Management from Ministry of Environment) – Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle

The activities need to be accomplished (Onland activity):

Due to the covid19 outbreak happening in Cambodia, all the activities will be hosted by the individual partners and co-partner for the project at their side and record as video or taking photos. 

  1. Nature Art Therapy (mediation guidelines): This video making in order to enable the audiences to love, appreciate, and understand about the value of nature surrounding by using natural materials such as: branch of trees, leaves, gravels, soils, flowers…etc. to relax their mind, body, and focus on the nature that they want to appreciate. The music will be made to attach with the nature. Collaborated with 1). Mr. Noem Chhunny, Co-founder and leader trainer at VIPASSA and Impact Hub Phnom Penh, Mr. Keat Sokim, Founder of Music & Friend School.  
  2. Mind healing via 1000 Cranes project (led by Zun in Myanmar), also present in Cambodia with some women. 
  3. Educational Orientation about Low/Zero Waste Essentials: This section is going to collaborate with 5 individual artists and one community leader to create their own point of view, giving key messages, solutions, and share knowledge about the environment and how to reduce the waste and plastic use. There will be a presentation about Waste Pollution in Cambodia its side effects to human health, sharing session about useful tips/materials/equipment for a traveling lover. Some materials and modules will be bought and made for these activities such as reusable bottles, straws, utensils, and toiletries. Each of presenters will make a short video to represent their works and all the videos will share to the public audiences as educational tools.