Resilience Inwards and Outwards through Films

During this time, it is nearly impossible to gather around having film as social gathering and discuss it afterwards, especially in city like Jakarta, where I live. Cinemas are closed and limit its capacity. For almost a year, collaboration within film communities are restricted and some of filmmakers unable to exhibit their films widely. As a part of communal spirit within the community, film become one of the art forms which is possible to enjoy from younger audience to the elder along with other activity in the village or community. Not only bring leisure to audience, it is also important for programmer and organizer to curate which activity is safe yet for health protocol and having role for healing.

Onland activity tried to engage with local community with limited and selected cluster to enjoy the film in their own home. Build up their own strength within the community as part of the resilience inward during this time. There are two onland activities in Indonesia which collaborate with two local communities. Another online activity will involve more participant in the region of South East Asia.

Onland – Forest Cinema | April 11 in Majalengka, West Java

In Collaboration with Jatiwangi Sinematek, this activity align with Black Rice Harvest Party of Supranatural Farming in Wates, West Java. In the morning, people gathered to celebrate harvest of the ricefield and at night they relaxed with the people in the village by having screening in the forest. It is consider as one of festivity of the month and also right before Ramadan, where Moslems are fasting. 

The forest is part of their everyday life, but during Forest Cinema it brings something different to their village. After hours of pouring rain, they gathered with limited personel from their own house in the forest which looks more artistic than the usual. There are sort of camp made of mosquito net with green lighting dimmed to bring majestic nuance in the forest. While enjoying combro, traditional snacks made of cassava and hot ginger drink, they enjoying short films from Yogyakarta, Gula-Gula Usia, story about two elder who fight for their romance life, Kisah Di Hari Minggu talking about a busy life of housewife where she can barely find her day off, even on ‘Minggu’, Indonesian word of Sunday. Also, a premiere from Harimau Mati Meninggalkan Belang¸a story about tiger which went missing in village full of people, from the artistic ones to the religious ones. Lastly, two acts from local filmmaker and musician from Cirebon, neighbour city of Wates bring the warmth of the night to an end.