Art Respond to Crisis

 We will make collective origami crane praying protest national and international wide together with our local communities. Through Art, our communities already did many bold responses to this current coup situation even by normal non art background citizens. In this project I collaborate with representatives from following 14 cities throughout Myanmar which are Bago, Pyay, Dawei, Pha-Ann, Yay, Moe kaung, Tedim, Loikaw,Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan, Monywa, Taunggyi and Sittwe. 

Through this project, I want to strengthen the unity of our local people where we are heading now for federal Union. I also want to share the voices of them how they try to respond this crisis situation through artistic, creative and non-violence ways even we are under very risky and dangerous situation. And I want to share back to my people the voices of our international friends how they are trying to help us by responding with art and important of solidarity.


There are two part in my on land. First one is 14 representatives will do their own project within their community. We are discussing together and advising each other through this process and share back our process through Telegram group and Zoom meeting. Then they will sending me the record photos and videos of their activities and folded cranes.

Second part is that there will be one day program plus panel discussion on May 22nd with 15-20 people at Yangon. But 14 representative/ leaders will join virtually if internet is available for them at that time. 

The workshop will include group installation of 1000 cranes, praying and imaginative meditation section integrated with art therapy exercises, sharing of crane praying and praying voices from different regions and panel discussing about how artistic response have impact in community during the crisis time.