Creative Upcycling and Social Enterprise Towards A Sustainable Planet

Creative Upcycling and Social Enterprise Towards A Sustainable Planet is a call for creative practitioners and public to join forces towards conscious service to demonstrate the power of people, the possibilities of creativity and social enterprises – reimagine the environment and empower the creative communities. 

The project aims to promote waste reduction by repurposing still-usable materials and demonstrate ways to end users, to creatively adopt the practice, and in turn for citizen to live a sustainable lifestyle, and be responsible towards the planet with the following objectives: – 

  • cultivate interest in creative arts and crafts
  • foster the culture of zero waste through upcycling 
  • promote social purpose businesses that benefits the society and environment
  • encourage participation in community-based arts project 
  • build an arts and crafts, and social entrepreneurs’ network in the Global South.

The first phase of the project is to produce an advocacy video to promote upcycling and social enterprises in Malaysia, intended to address the impact of human activities on the environment, while offering viable solutions that the society can adopt – reduce consumption by reusing and repurposing materials, giving solid waste a second life. This community-based project is in collaboration and co-funded by YWCA KL (Young Women’s Christian Association of Kuala Lumpur), a non-profit organisation focusing on women’s welfare and YWCA KL’s Vocational Training Opportunity Centre (VTOC) for the adolescent girls from the low-income group in Malaysia. 

Also, a creative campaign for volunteerism and social work, the advocacy video consists of a music video themed “The Spirit of Things”, showcasing an upcycled fashion collection made with locally available waste material and designed by local designers, music composed by local musicians and sang by VTOC students, video produced by local filmmakers, and features the streetscapes of Kuala Lumpur Chinatown – to celebrate the rich heritage culture and urban rejuvenation contributed by the KL creative community. 

The music video is complemented with a short documentary of the making of upcycled fashion collection and music video, features selected social entrepreneurs from the KL creative community, and the film will be concluded with a Pop-up Fashion Exhibition at RexKL, a Creative Hub in KL Chinatown.