Project SEA*5 is a collective advocacy and action driven with the heart of compassion, empathy, and creativity – built around the mission to co-create a network of Creative Responders and contribute in the growing actions of responding and recovering in the times of adversity specifically empowering groups of communities in the global south.

Designed to align within the action-points of the 5R’s: ResilienceReadinessRespond, Recover, and Reimagine. With various tools and creative approaches, the group aspires to help facilitate and equip local leaders, community organizers, and the youth sector to gain a degree of methodical approach and strategies grounded in their own local knowledge, initiatives, anecdotal experiences and innovative resources.        

Due to the fact that the world is hit with a pause because of the global pandemic, Project SEA*5 aspires to contribute in addressing the need for creative responses that cultivates a nurturing sense of empathy towards each fellow human beings. We believe in the power of transformative Arts to inculcate healing of ourselves and rise once again to lead on a sustainable way of living.   


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